Hello. I'm David.
I design things and build them with code. I live in Athens, Ga and pretty much dig it here. I consider myself a graphic designer where the medium changes all the time.  Whether it's screenprinting or flexbox, I design with purpose and enjoy doing so. Slick little mobile apps are fun, but a poster can be inspiring. And I firmly believe details separate good and great design.
I put together this site as an informal place to share some work I've done over the years, so please excuse the occasional fuzzy picture or typo ; ) The web changes quickly, so some sites have been updated with new tech, companies bought and sold, etc. Reach out below and I can share some recent work.
Currently I work as Creative Director for Facilitron, where I help define the visual branding of their website and marketing efforts. I build websites on Wordpress and Shopify, and code frontend in various javascript frameworks like React and Vue. I have a background in defining the user experience and user interface design of mobile and desktop software products. I also ran a company called Mad Union where I had the pleasure of building a few online boutiques that have gone on to be pretty successful.
I like to play music when I can, though realistically, I mostly hang out with my kids. If you need anything, reach out and say hello, and check back soon. I'll have some more work online as soon as I can.
Thanks for the note! I'll get back to you pronto_